Appendix H. Acknowledgments

Except where noted, “Coalescence” by Timothy Krause is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Except where noted, all images have been sourced from or

With gratitude to the original authors, pieces of the following Creative Commons-licensed materials have been remixed into this text:

Information about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was also retrieved from the United Nations website.

Student sample essays are used with permission but remain the copyright of the student.

YouTube videos are only linked and remain the copyright of their respective owners.

Some structure of grammar lessons inspired by “Grammar for Great Writing C” by Kristin Sherman, Lida R. Baker, and Robyn Brinks Lockwood.

Quick Fixes inspired by “English I Missed” by Connie Turner and Judy Shane.

All other materials are either original or in the public domain.



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