7 Paragraph Practice: What Does Everyone Deserve?

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In this course, you will read and write about many different ideas in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Macmillan American Dictionary defines human rights as “the rights that everyone should have in a society, including the right to express opinions about the government or to have protection from harm.” In other words, these are things everyone everywhere deserves all the time. What human rights do you think are important?

  1. Write a paragraph that begins with “Everyone deserves …” Give your idea(s) and support your idea(s) with reasons.
  2. Exchange your work with another student. Read what they wrote. Reply to them in another paragraph. Don’t say only things like “I agree” or “You’re right.” Try to add something meaningful to the discussion. Then return this to your partner.
  3. Finally, read what your classmate wrote in reply to your paragraph. Then write a few sentences to share your reaction. Give this to your teacher; they will offer feedback on your writing.


Here are some sentences with common errors. Follow the instructions to practice editing.


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