36 Paragraph Practice: What’s Missing from the UDHR?

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Think back to the UDHR. It was written in 1948. Much has changed since then, from technology to cultural norms. How could you edit the UDHR for our times?

Write a short paragraph that answers the following three questions:

  • What is missing from the list of human rights? What should we add to the list? …  OR … What should be changed about the list?
  • Why would some people disagree with you? Why would they think your idea should NOT be a human right?
  • Why would some people agree with you? Why do they think it should be a human right?

Here’s an example:

One thing that is missing is the right to “erasure” — in other words, the right to remove oneself from the internet and social media. Some people might think that some information — such as criminal records — should be public information forever. Others might say their freedom of speech allows them to publish information, including information about other people.  The internet and social media are sometimes dangerous places. Criminals sometimes steal another user’s identity. Furthermore, some people are private and do not like to share their personal information with strangers.

  1. Write your paragraph following the example above.
  2. Exchange your work with another student. Read what they wrote. Reply to them in another paragraph. Don’t say only things like “I agree” or “You’re right.” Try to add something meaningful to the discussion. Then return this to your partner.
  3. Finally, read what your classmate wrote in reply to your paragraph. Then write a few sentences to share your reaction. Give this to your teacher; they will offer feedback on your writing.


Here are some sentences with common errors. Follow the instructions to practice editing.


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