Appendix F: Practice Exam

Part A

Identify each type of essay:

  1. to explain both sides of a debate so that the reader can make their own opinion
  2. to define a word in many different ways in order to better understand it
  3. to show two things: the reasons something happened and/or the results or consequences of it happening

What are the two important parts of a body paragraph?

What are three examples of specific supporting details?

What are the two different ways to organize a cause-and-effect essay?

To paraphrase means to explain something in your own words. True or false?

When should you use “quotation marks”?

  1. when you use the exact words of your source
  2. when you use your own words (paraphrase)
  3. when you use common knowledge (something everyone knows)
  4. when you use one word from another source

If you use information from another source, you should always tell your reader the name of that source. True or false?

Combine these sentences into one sentence using at least one adverb clause.

Computer engineering is important.

It is important in modern society.

One reason for its importance is that it develops new technology.

This technology can improve our lives.

Combine these sentences into one sentence using at least one adjective clause.

Changes happen to the environment.

Pollution causes these changes.

Scientists work to understand these changes.

Combine these sentences into one sentence using at least one noun clause.

The doctor believes something.

Masks are important.

Everyone should help.

Wearing a mask will help.

Can you rewrite each sentence below in passive voice? If yes, then rewrite it. If not, then write NO.

The United Nations published the UDHR in 1948.

Many people have died from torture while in prison.

Truong and Billy finished the puzzle last night.

Can you rewrite the sentence below in active voice? If yes, then rewrite it. If not, then write NO.

No changes have been made to the UDHR by the United Nations since it was written.

My brother was notified by the lottery office that he won a million dollars.

The lawn was mowed by my daughter last weekend.

When you use a gerund or infinitive as a subject, it always requires a singular verb. True or false?

Which of the following sentences uses a modal verb correctly?

  1. A student not may copy from other sources without attribution.
  2. She could please open the door for me?
  3. You are all wet; it must to be raining outside today.
  4. Laura has to work late tonight even though she doesn’t want to.

Which sentence below is written in a formal, academic tone?

  1. The sky wasn’t very cloudy that day.
  2. I believe all people should have freedom.
  3. A lot of people have good stuff to say about the kids in some places.
  4. This evidence makes it clear that countries should not allow this to happen again.

The sentence below has three errors: comma splice, fragment, and subject-verb agreement. Rewrite the text and correct all three errors.

One of the stars in the movies are very popular, he is my favorite actor. Because he is from my country.

Below are the parts of every basic essay. Put them in the proper order. 1=first; 9=last

body paragraph – topic sentence

background or connecting information

summary of main points

wrap-up or final thought


thesis statement


restatement of thesis

body paragraph – supporting details

We studied many different ways to define a word or idea in a definition essay. Name three.

What are the two parts of a thesis statement?

The sentence below has four errors: comma splice, fragment, word form and subject-verb agreement. Rewrite the text and correct all four errors.

When I study at home. The connection to my internet and cell phone sometimes are slowly, it makes it difficult to do my homework.

Part B

INSTRUCTIONS: This part is timed writing. You have only 60 minutes. Choose one of the topics below. Then write a short essay of 3-4 paragraphs.  You may use any tool that you wish (such as dictionary or translator); however, you have only 60 minutes to complete this task, so you must use your time wisely. Remember: any plagiarism = 0 points on your final exam.

Topics (choose one)

  • What does “integrity” mean to you?
  • What are the causes or effects of homelessness in large cities in the U.S.?
  • What are the pros and cons of banning plastic straws from restaurants?


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