13 Quick Fixes: Don’t, Doesn’t, Don’t Have To


Don’t and Doesn’t


You don’t use:

  • he don’t
  • she don’t
  • it don’t

These are subject-verb agreement errors. In the simple present tense, he/she/it require a singular verb form.


Instead, you use:

  • he doesn’t
  • she doesn’t
  • it doesn’t


  • The man is always late because he doesn’t have a watch.
  • She doesn’t have time to work late today because she is going to a party.
  • I am happy to see the sun today. There is a lot of heat, but it doesn’t bother me.



INSTRUCTIONS: Choose don’t or doesn’t to complete each sentence. Remember to use appropriate capitalization if the word begins a sentence.

  1. They __________________ always answer their cell phone.
  2. Those socks __________________ go well together.
  3. She __________________ care what other people say.
  4. His grades __________________ matter to him.
  5. He __________________ go out much on the weekends.
  6. __________________ the sun feel great?
  7. He __________________ care about his grades.
  8. That sweater __________________ go with those pants.
  9. It __________________ mean anything to him.
  10. __________________ you know he’s moving to Switzerland?

Don’t have to

You don’t say don’t have to or doesn’t have to if you mean something is forbidden. (You use don’t have to or doesn’t have to when you are saying there is no obligation or requirement.)

  • Doctors don’t have to drink alcohol on the job.

Instead, you say:

  • not supposed to
  • not allowed to
  • must not


  • I’m not supposed to drink coffee after 3 p.m.
  • In some cultures, women are not allowed to pray with men.
  • Pets absolutely must not go in the hotel room. They are not allowed.



INSTRUCTIONS: Choose don’t/doesn’t have to, not supposed to, not allowed to, or must not to complete the sentences. Remember to use appropriate capitalization if the word begins a sentence.

  1. We are __________________ smoke on campus. It is forbidden.
  2. If you are tired, you __________________ try to drive to Seattle tonight. It’s too dangerous.
  3. You __________________ bring alcohol into the restaurant. It is against the law.
  4. Criminals are __________________ vote. That’s the rule.
  5. His doctor says he absolutely __________________ eat fat.
  6. You’re __________________ go in that room. The directions recommend going to the other room.
  7. Your children __________________ eat that if they don’t like it.
  8. You __________________ go in there, if you don’t want to.
  9. You __________________ drive a car without a license. Otherwise you will get  ticket.
  10. The dog is ________________ sleep on the couch or the bed. But sometimes I let it anyway.


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