29 Quick Fixes: Make and Give a Party; Married To and With


Make and Give a Party

You don’t use make a party.

Instead, if you are the host, you say:

  • give a party
  • throw a party
  • have a party

However, you can make something for a party. For example:

  • make decorations
  • make a cake
  • make a playlist (a collection of songs)



INSTRUCTIONS: Choose give, throw, have, or make to complete the sentences below. Remember to use appropriate capitalization if the word begins a sentence.

  1. My brother will __________________  the playlist of songs for the party.
  2. May I __________________ the food for the party? I am a good cook.
  3. It’s our anniversary! Let’s __________________ a party!
  4. They __________________ a big party every spring in their backyard.
  5. How many parties do you __________________ a year?
  6. Come in! The party is just beginning. Please __________________ yourself at home.
  7. He wants to __________________ a pie for the party. He thinks one pie will be enough.
  8. The parties that I __________________ are always fun. Everyone says so.
  9. She wants to __________________ herself a birthday party.
  10. The company wants to __________________ a party to celebrate a good year of business.

Married With and To

You don’t say married with your husband, wife, or spouse.

Instead, you say married to a husband, wife, or spouse.


  • Incorrect: Mabel is getting married with Thuan. (This means Thuan will also be at the wedding, but Mabel is marrying someone else, but it is not common to say it this way.)
  • Correct: Kim is getting married to Thuan. (Kim and Thuan will be a couple).
  • Correct: He is getting married to his classmate. (He and his classmate will be a couple.)

You can use with this way:

  • Terry is going to Tualatin with her classmate. (They are traveling together.) 



INSTRUCTIONS: Complete each sentence below using with or to.  Remember to use appropriate capitalization if the word begins a sentence.

  1. I want to get married __________________ with all my friends and family — and pets!
  2. Why does she want to get married __________________ him?
  3. Imani is getting married __________________ Baako next week.
  4. Hollywood celebrities often get married __________________ lots of cameras around.
  5. She got married __________________ her wife last year.
  6. Do you want to be married __________________ me forever?
  7. He wants to get married __________________ to his bride in the fall when the leaves are colorful.
  8. Some couples get married __________________ no ceremony or guests.
  9. My parents were married __________________ other people before they met at a soccer game.
  10. Nobody wants to get married __________________ the wrong person!


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