21 Assignment Part Two: Review and Revise Your Definition Essay

Follow these instructions to prepare the second draft of your essay:

  • Review the feedback from your instructor and/or tutor carefully. If you have questions, ask for help.
  • Then edit your essay. Use the same Google document. Start by making the corrections that your teacher or tutor suggests. After you make a correction, click on checkmark to hide the comment.
  • Now read your essay again carefully. Think about other changes you can make to improve your writing.
    • First, focus on the content. What are you trying to say with your essay? Is it clear? Do you have enough supporting information to explain your ideas?
    • Then focus about organization. What does the reader need to know first before other things? Do you have information in a logical order? Does each new idea of your essay build on the previous idea?
    • Finally, focus on structure.
      • Does your introduction have an interesting hook, helpful background information, and a clear thesis statement?
      • Does the thesis statement have both a topic and a claim? And does it preview the major points of your essay?
      • Does each body paragraph have a clear and strong topic sentence? Do all of the supporting details explain the idea of the topic sentence?
      • Does the conclusion restate the thesis, summarize the main ideas, and wrap things up?
      • Have you followed all of the formatting guidelines? Did you center a title? Did you indent each paragraph? Do you have page numbers? Is it double-spaced?
  • Now, put it away for a day or so. Let it rest so that you can look at it later with fresh eyes.
  • Finally, proofread carefully for small details, such as grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Use the essay self-check and grading rubrics to review your work before you submit it to your teacher.
  • Optional: Visit a tutor or Reading Writing Center again for more feedback. Show your instructor a record of your visit in order to receive extra credit on this revised essay.

Pay close attention to the due date your instructor gives you. That is your deadline to finish this second draft. If you used the same Google document, then you do not need to share the document with your instructor again. Your instructor can still open it.


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