3.5 Summary Questions

  1. For each of the following, indicate where DBH should be measured.

A. a tree on a slope. B. a normal tree. C. a tree forking below dbh. D. a tree with a bulge at dbh. E a tree with a bell bottom that ends at 4.5 feet above the ground.


Answers to Summary Questions


A. Measure DBH at 4.5 feet on the uphill side of the tree.

B.  Measure DBH at 4.5 feet above the ground.

C.  Measure as two trees (forks below DBH). Measure perpendicular to the bole of the tree.

D.  Measure above the bulge.

E.  Measure at least 1.5 feet above the butt swell. This is a situation in which DBH may be out of reach and difficult to measure with a d-tape.  In this case, a relaskop may be the instrument of choice.


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