Consonants: Voiced and Voiceless

A. Can you feel it?

Some English sounds are voiced. It means your vocal cords in your neck move when you make the sound.

Say: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (Like at the doctor).

Some English sounds are voiceless. It means your vocal cords don’t move when you make the sound.

Say: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Like quieting your friend).

B.   Read and repeat

voiceless voiced
/p/     Pear   pig     rip          people

/t/      To       tip      feet          retain

/k/     Coat  come rack          picture

/f/      Face  fat      half          defend

/θ /    Thin    thick  with          nothing

/s/      Sue    see    price          lesson

/ ʃ/      Shy     show   cash  pressure

/ ʧ /    chin   choke    natural         catch

/b/     Bear   big     rib          rabbit

/d/     Do     dip     feed          under

/g/     Goat  gum   rag          sugar

/v/     Vase  vat     have          clever

/ð/     That   then   neither father

/z/      Zoo    Zip      prize          lazy

/ʒ /     garage        pleasure           vision

/ ʤ /  Joke gin     enjoy           badge

C. Listen and circle (or read out loud with a tutor or teacher)

1)   dock     dog

2)   coat     goat

3)   face      vase

4)   half       have

5)   tile         dial

6)   lit           lid

7)   pear     bear

8)   rip         rib

9)   sue        zoo

10)  price     prize

11)  chain    Jane

12)  batch   badge



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