Pronunciation Practice A – Introverts and Extroverts

Practice saying the reading out loud slowly, loudly, and clearly. You can record your voice and listen to it below.

After you practice, use a phone or computer to record yourself reading out loud, and send the recording to your teacher.

Now I’m familiar with the terms extroverts and introverts. Some people think introverts are individuals who are very shy and aren’t social. This is a misconception! Introverts are individuals who need some time alone to recharge their energy. They like to be around people, and it’s fun to hang out with them, but sometimes they prefer to be alone. This may be difficult for an extrovert to understand.

Focus on Pronunciation

Everyone has different pronunciation challenges. Which ones are important for you?

  • ch and j (extrovert, introvert, individuals, recharge, energy)
  • sh (shy, social, misconception)
  • th (the, think, they)
  • s at the end of a word (terms, extroverts, introverts)
  • r after a vowel (familiar, term, extroverts, introverts)



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