I AM – An Olympic Athlete

Watch Michael Hubbs talk about his life, training, and challenges. Answer the questions below in your notebook. (Remember, you can listen at 75% speed in Settings on YouTube.)



  1. What is this athlete’s name and what does he do?
  2. What drives, or motivates, him?
  3. What challenges has he overcome?
  4. Now, think about yourself and what motivates you. What challenges have you overcome to achieve your goals?
  5. Prepare a list of 5 things that describe you, your activities, interests or passions.
  6. Now, write an “I AM” list about yourself with at least 5 lines to describe your accomplishments, passions or challenges. Be prepared to share your list in class.

Here’s a model to follow:



(by Nanci Leiton)

I AM a mother who raises children to solve problems.

I AM a person who helps others whenever possible.

I AM a person who strives to make a kinder world for everyone.

I AM a teacher who creates a place for people to learn and achieve their goals.

I AM a gardener who loves to grow green things and eat healthy food.

I AM a citizen with the best interests of ALL people in my community.



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