Example Reduction: Her, hers, he, him, his

Example Reductions: Her, Hers, He, Him, His

These pronouns usually loose the “H” in normal US English sentences. But, they keep the stress and the full “H” if they are the first word.

  • I like her –> I liker
  • I like him –> I likim
  • Where is hers? –> Wherzerz?
  • Where is his? –> Wherziz?
A man and woman are arguing.
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C. Find these pronouns in this short conversation. Can you reduce them and combine them in a fluent sentence?

  1. How is it going? Wait, is everything ok?
  2. Where is Adam? Did you see him leave?
  3. Sara came and he got really mad at her.
  4. I don’t know what his problem is, or maybe it’s her problem.
  5. They have both had a hard time.
  6. I don’t think he has been happy at his job.
  7. I know she wants to quit hers.
  8. Oh, did you get his text? They both had to leave, but I guess things are ok.


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