Content and Function Words – about Aphasia

Read, focus, and record

We have practiced finding stressed content words and reduced function words. Can you find the stressed content words below? Read them out loud, and try to stress the content words, and reduce the function words.

You can also listen and repeat with Eric in the video below.

  1. Language is an essential part of our lives.
  2. Aphasia can affect all aspects of communication.
  3. Other causes can include tumors, brain injuries, trauma, or even some kinds of diseases.
  4. One of the main characteristics of aphasia is substitutions.
  5. Instead of the word house, they say, let’s go to my horse.
  6. They might say chicken instead of kitchen.
  7. They might ask for a cup of tea when they really wanted coffee.
  8. That’s a problem, of course, because other people won’t recognize it.

You can practice with this recording button:

Watch, listen, and repeat. Can you hear the stressed content words? Can you see them? Remember, stress is usually “big” — you can see bigger mouth movements and maybe even eye or eyebrow movements, too.



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