Pronunciation Practice B – Past Tense, Introverts and Extroverts

Practice saying the reading out loud slowly, loudly, and clearly. You can record your voice and listen to it below.

After you practice, use a phone or computer to record yourself reading out loud, and send the recording to your teacher.

Before, Eric thought that introverts were shy people. But when he heard information, read, thought, and spoke about the topic, he understood more. Now he knew that this was a misconception! He saw that introverts were individuals who need some time alone to recharge their energy. Because of the practice that we did, he found a new way to understand both introverts and extroverts.

Focus on Pronunciation

Can you find the past tense verbs? There are 13 of them.

Also, everyone has different pronunciation challenges. Which ones are important for you?

  • ch and j (extrovert, introvert, individuals, recharge, energy)
  • sh (shy, information, misconception)
  • th (the, thought, they)
  • s at the end of a word (terms, extroverts, introverts)
  • r after a vowel (were, heard, extroverts, introverts)



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