10.2 Cover page

Be sure to create a cover page for your report. It’s a step that some report writers forget. Without a label, a report is anonymous; it gets ignored.

The best way to create a cover page is to use your word-processing software to design one on a standard page with a graphic box around the label information. Not much goes on the label: the report title, your name, your organization’s name, a report tracking number, and a date. There are no standard requirements for the label, although your company or organization should have its own requirements. (An example of a report label is shown below.)

The report cover has a label on the top third, centered with the report title and subtitle. The transmittal letter example shows a business letter on letterhead with sample text in the body for delivering a report to a client. The sample text states which report is being delivered. The second paragraph of the sample text summarizes the contents of the report. The third paragraph gives credit to those involved in creating the report, and the fourth and final paragraph provides direction on where to direct questions or comments.
Transmittal letter and report cover (with cover label).

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