6.5 Revision Checklist for Progress Reports

As you reread and revise your progress report, watch out for problems such as the following:

  • Make sure you use the right format. If this is for a course, check with your instructor; if it is for a work place, check with your supervisor.
  • Write a clear opening paragraph reminding your recipient of the project you are working on and that you are providing progress on that project
  • Use headings to mark off the different parts of your progress report, particularly the different parts of your summary of work done on the project.
  • Use lists as appropriate.
  • Provide specifics—avoid relying on vague, overly general statements about the work you’ve done on the final report project.
  • Be sure and address the progress report to the real or realistic audience—not your instructor.

If you will be including an outline of your report with your progress memo, you may find it helpful to move next to the chapter on creating outlines.

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