CH 1 Exercises: Analyzing Technical Writing

Exercise 1 (group)

Locate some examples of what you consider to be technical writing. These may include correspondence, journal articles, lab reports, web pages, or advertisements. In small groups with other classmates, discuss how the documents reflect the characteristics of technical writing. After your group has analyzed the document(s), present your findings to the class to explain how it meets the characteristics of a technical document.


Exercise 2 (individual)

Locate an instruction manual for a product you own (if you can’t locate the original print edition that came with the product, you may be able to find it on the manufacturer’s website or other sites devoted to manuals). Analyze it and compare it to what you’ve learned so far about technical writing:

      • What do you notice? Is the language clear?
      • Is the document organized to be logical and easy to navigate?
      • Could there be improvement?
      • Write up a brief (two-to-three paragraph) description of your analysis.


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