CH 8 Exercise: Sentence Types

*NOTE: This activity is designed to be completed once you have a draft of your technical document, report, or proposal.


I. Examine one or two paragraphs of your assignment draft:
    1. Indicate which paragraph you are examining (provide the page and paragraph number).
    1. List the sentence types you use in this paragraph (use the Sentence Structure page to help you identify the four sentence types).


II. Answer the following two questions:
    1. What sentence types do you tend to use most often (simple, compound. etc.)?
    1. What sentence types do you use least often or not at all?


III. Re-write at least three sentences:

Identify at least three different sentences in your paper that could benefit from using different sentence patterns. For example, you might have a compound sentence that might be better expressed as two simple sentences. Briefly discuss your choices and reasons. For example, you might discuss why one sentence type is preferable to another for this particular rhetorical situation.

1: Original sentence:

Sentence revision:

2. Original sentence:

Sentence revision:

3: Original sentence:

Sentence revision:


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