2.5 Needs Assessment Template

Table 2.5 is an example of a Needs Assessment Template to help you gather audience information for your technical communication project:


TABLE 2.5 Needs Assessment Template
Statement of Purpose: Why am I creating this document or technical communication?
Business Need: What is the business’s or organization’s need for this document?
Audience: 1. Who is the audience?
2. How large is the audience?
3. What is their expertise or familiarity with the subject matter?
Situation: 1. In what context will the audience receive the document (in the office, at home, etc.)?
  2. Will your audience be multitasking or distracted?
  3. Is your audience likely to be resistant or receptive to your document?
  4. What is the best medium for your communication (email, memo, printed letter, etc.)?
Purpose: 1. What is the document’s primary purpose (to inform, persuade, explain, etc.)?
  2. What results do you expect from the communication?
  3. What results do the company or organization expect to get from the document?


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