Epinephrine (1:1,000) 

Class:  Sympathomimetic

Me. Mechanism of Action:  Epinephrine stimulates alpha-1 (α-1) (heart) and beta1 and beta 2 (β-1 and β-2) (lungs) receptors.  Because of these effects the drug causes: peripheral vasoconstriction (α); increased heart rate, contraction force (β1); and bronchodilation (β2). Inhibits mast cell degranulation (immune system response)

Onset: 6-15 minutes IM

Indications: Anaphylaxis

Contraindications: None when used in emergency situations

Side Effects: Increased myocardial oxygen demand, ischemia, tachydysrhythmias, and anxiety

Dosage: 0.3 mg IM (1:1000) repeated as needed


1 – Autoinjector

2 Autoinjector

3 Autoinjector

4 Autoinjector (instructor)

5 IM Injection (instructor)


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