Health Emergency Ready Oregon (HERO) Kids Registry 

The HERO Kids Registry is a voluntary, no-cost system that lets any Oregon family share critical information about their child’s health in the event of an emergency. The information can be quickly and easily accessed by emergency medical services (EMS) and hospital emergency department (ED) providers, so they have the information they need when they need it. This registry provides timely medical information to EMS providers to assist in treatment plans and destination decisions.

The HERO Kids Registry is available to any Oregon child or young adult ages 0-26. HERO Kids is especially useful for medically complex children and young adults who experience chronic health conditions, developmental disabilities, and/or mental or behavioral health conditions. EMS can get the following information from the HERO Kids Registry: alerts, allergies, medications, medical and/or behavioral conditions, approach considerations, parent, or legal guardian contact information, and much more.

EMS providers may be notified by 9-1-1 dispatcher, parent, legal guardian, patient, school staff and/or caregiver that the child or young adult is registered in HERO Kids. EMS providers may also see a HERO Kids sticker or backpack tag on one of the child or young adult’s belongings or see a copy of the completed HERO Kids Registry form posted on the refrigerator in the patient’s home.

  1. Collect at least two of the following identifiers for patients ages 0-26:
    1. Registry ID #
    2. Full name
    3. Date of birth or approximate age
    4. Gender
    5. Last 4 of Social Security Number
  2. Call the confidential HERO Kids provider hotline, or

Enter the patient’s demographic information into the Oregon Registries for EMS (OREMS) app.

Note: If you need the provider hotline or OREMS app login credentials, request by sending an email to or calling the HERO Kids business office at 833-770-4376.

Information will be available in less than 90 seconds.

HERO Kids Registry



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