Non-rebreather Mask

A Non-Rebreather Mask, NRB, is used for moderate to severe shortness of breath.

  1. Set oxygen flow rate at 10-15 lpm on the oxygen canister.
  2. Plug in the oxygen tubing to the oxygen regulator.
  3. Place your thumb over the reservoir inlet inside the mask to inflate the bag.
  4. Do not place it on a patient without the bag of the mask inflated.
  5. Place the NRB mask on the patient’s face with the bag down & nose piece over the bridge of the nose.
  6. Place the head strap around the back of their head and tighten until snug.
A photo of the equipment needed to deliver oxygen to a patient in the field via a non-rebreather mask, including a portable oxygen tank, an oxygen regulator, and an non-rebreather mask.
Image by Chris Hamper, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.



A photo of a gloved EMS clinician applying a non-rebreather oxygen mask onto a simulated patient.
Image by Holly Edwins, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Non-Rebreather Mask Skill Verification Table












Flow Rate



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