5 Unit 0 Review, Practice and Assessment

Unit 0 Learner Outcomes [No specific alignment with example course outcomes]

  1. Explain the course expectations, including cognitive level and time commitment.
  2. Provide an example study strategy that incorporates feedback and metacognition.
  3. Identify barriers to academic success and evaluate strategies to overcome barriers.

Outcome 1

1) Identify at least two important differences in academic expectations and/or academic structure between high school and college.

2) What is the highest level of cognition at which you have operated? Was it at home, school, work, or during military service? Explain the situation using terms from Bloom's Taxonomy.

Outcome 2

3) Explain how you acquired the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to operate at the cognitive level you described in the previous question. Were you born with it, just acquire it suddenly one day, or did you acquire it gradually over time? Did it take effort or was it easy?

4) Build your personal study strategy for this course. The strategy should include activities like reading, working examples, video watching, homework, office hour visits, exam preparation, etc.

Outcome 3

5) Identify three possible barriers to your academic success.

6) Provide a possible solution to each of three barriers to academic success.



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