Tasks Remaining and Coming Improvements

Continuous Improvement

Body Physics will be subjected to a continuous improvement process. If you would like to contribute content, feedback,  edits, or if you have any questions about Body Physics, please e-mail: bodyphysicstext@gmail.com.

Recent Improvements

  1. Creating a global glossary and adding “rollover” action to glossary term
  2. Explicit labeling of all Practice and Assessment Exercises with related unit outcome
  3. Reordering and revising of chapters on energy and momentum to focus on locomotion and improve narrative flow
  4. Connecting all units to a common theme/character: Jolene, RN
  5. Integrating links to related labs into unit introductions
  6. Adding student-contributed images and data
  7. convert reinforcement exercises to H5P interactivities

Ongoing Improvements

  1. Improving flow, grammar, typos
  2. Improving consistency in reference formatting
  3. Double checking example problems
  4. Adding glossary terms
  5. Correlate results of statistical analysis of student interaction and performance data to student perception data to identify the most impact changes that could be made to Body Physics.

Long Term Improvements

  1. Labeling reinforcement activities with related Unit outcome
  2. Create a correspondence table showing how sections relate to topics (sections in a standard book)
  3. Create at content map, (mind map, content web). Open Pedagogy Exercise?
  4. Adding and improving reinforcement activities,  everyday examples, and practice exercises
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Solutions to Reinforcement Activities
  7. Solutions to Practice and Assessment Exercises
  8. Compiling a conceptual question bank
  9. Tabulate links to vetted external resources (text and video) for all key terms and concepts
  10. Chapter-specific video lectures w/ demonstrations
  11. Concept-specific Algodoo simulations and activities


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