This developmental-level mathematics textbook is intended for career-technical students. It was made possible by a grant from Open Oregon Educational Resources, which supports the development and implementation of high-quality materials at low or no cost to community college and university students.

I hope that this qualifies as a “high quality” textbook, and I hope that it brings a bit of fun to what can often be a boring or intimidating subject. Whether you are a student or instructor, I would love to hear your thoughts on the book and whether it works well for you. Feel free to let me know about any errors you find or suggestions for improvements.

The formatting was optimized for the web version of the textbook, and I know that the pdf versions look rough: strange indenting I can’t seem to fix, images that aren’t aligned properly, inconvenient page breaks, numbers appearing larger than the surrounding text, etc. I will try to clean up the formatting problems at some point, but it’s time for me to make the leap and get this thing out into the world.

Morgan Chase
Clackamas Community College
Oregon City, OR

January 24, 2021

Updated information:

  • Modules 31-34 are new and have been added to this online text but are NOT included in the print version of the text.
  • The second edition of this text is available at but will NOT be available in print until after it has been piloted during Winter quarter 2024.

December 31, 2023


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