1.5 GETTING STARTED: Submitting a Writing Sample

Many writing instructors will want you to provide a writing sample. Why? Well, a writing instructor can look at your writing sample and quickly see what you already know about the common rules of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. They can also get a good feeling for your natural range of vocabulary as well as a clear picture of how you organize your ideas. And if a writing instructor asks for a writing sample during class, then they can also judge your level of fluency, that is, how much and how accurately you can write within a certain time. So you can see that instructors can learn a lot about a student’s current abilities, and that will help to guide the instructor when choosing topics to focus on during the course. For example, if students demonstrate that they can already write clear topic sentences, then the instructor will focus on other things. Finally, it’s very useful to compare a writing sample from the beginning of the course with a writing sample from the end of the course in order to show improvements in your writing over time.



Follow your teacher’s instructions to write a short essay. Don’t worry about research yet; just use your own ideas. Use this short essay to show what you already know about standard grammar and vocabulary as well as clear organization and formatting. Your instructor will give you feedback in your Google Doc. You will use this feedback to analyze your writing in the next unit.

Topic: What is your favorite app or computer program? Describe it. What is its purpose? What does it do?  Who uses it? When do they use it? Where do they use it? Why do they use it? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What do you wish it could do?



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