Unit 2


In this unit, you will lay the foundation of your work this term by thinking about writing in general: the characteristics of strong writing; the writing process and the role of metacognition; the common errors ESOL students make, how to spot them and how to fix them; and how to choose a clear topic for your research paper.


By the end of this unit, you should be able to …

  1. Define 10 terms from the academic word list and use them accurately in writing.
  2. Explain metacognition and its relevance to writing in college.
  3. Describe the four most common errors in ESOL writing and how to fix them.
  4. Correct errors in your own writing.
  5. Describe the P.O.W.E.R. writing process.
  6. Identify generally accepted characteristics of strong academic research writing.
  7. Choose a research topic with the help of the instructor.


To accomplish the learning objectives above, you will …

  • Study vocabulary by looking up words in a dictionary, practicing the words with Quizlet activities, and then taking a quiz about those words.
  • Read articles, watch videos, complete practice exercises, and participate in discussions about grammar, composition, and the writing process.
  • Analyze feedback on your writing to identify common errors and make corrections.
  • Discuss research topic ideas.
  • Discuss what makes a good academic research essay.




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