9.1 VOCABULARY: Academic Word List 08


Use your dictionary to look up each word in the list below. Note its part of speech. Copy the dictionary definition in “quotation marks” followed by the name of the dictionary in parentheses. Then write an original sentence using the vocabulary word (do not copy the example sentence from the dictionary; use your own words).
    • achieve
    • adequate
    • alternative
    • concise
    • identify
    • illustrate
    • internal
    • revise
    • role
    • seek



Use these exercises to practice this week’s vocabulary words. Note: This is not graded; you may play these games as many times as you wish.



Use the vocabulary words above to complete the sentences below.

  1.  In order to maintain good health, proper nutrition is an __________________ to medicine.
  2. You can __________________ your goals by working hard.
  3. The instructor’s __________________ is to help you learn, not manage your time for you. That’s your job, not theirs.
  4. We do not have __________________ time to review all points of grammar today; we will have to finish tomorrow.
  5. Can you __________________ the main idea of this paragraph? Sometimes it is not easy to see.
  6. Good writing comes from rewriting, so you should always leave time to __________________ your work before you give it to the instructor.
  7. Good writers __________________ their ideas with examples, descriptions, and other supporting details. That’s how they show what they are thinking.
  8. The __________________ structure of a paragraph is as important as the organization of the whole essay.
  9. Sometimes the information you __________________ can be found only in the library and not on Google.
  10. Your instructions should be more __________________ because nobody will read three pages of notes.



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