6.1 VOCABULARY: Academic Word List 05


Use your dictionary to look up each word in the list below. Note its part of speech. Copy the dictionary definition in “quotation marks” followed by the name of the dictionary in parentheses. Then write an original sentence using the vocabulary word (do not copy the example sentence from the dictionary; use your own words).
    • assert
    • attribution
    • claim
    • contend
    • convey
    • implication
    • method
    • quotation
    • paraphrase
    • restrict


Use these exercises to practice this week’s vocabulary words. Note: This is not graded; you may play these games as many times as you wish.



Use the vocabulary words above to complete the sentences below.

  1.  He always manages to __________________ his point of view, and he expects everyone to listen to what he has to say.
  2. I love that __________________ from Martin Luther King, Jr. His words are always inspiring!
  3. We need to consider the financial __________________ of these changes. What will be the consequences?
  4. In this article, the authors make a __________________ that Portland receives more rain than Seattle. That’s what they believe.
  5. To assert and to _____________ both have a meaning that is almost the same as “to claim.”
  6. The __________________ of that information belongs to the U.S. Census.
  7. If you want to lose weight, then you must __________________ the number of calories that you eat.
  8. Please _______________ my apologies to your sister and let her know that I am sorry.
  9. How do you study new vocabulary? What is your __________________?
  10. That quotation from your source is difficult to understand. I think you should __________________  it because your own words will be better.



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