10.6 SELF-REFLECTION: Practice Final Exam

Here are some types of questions that may appear on your final exam for this course.

1. Identify the error in each of the following sentences: run-on, fragment, comma splice, subject-verb agreement. One sentence is OK.

    • I like to read in English is hard to learn.
    • My job started using new technology, it costs a lot.
    • Where I will live and work after I finish college.
    • My garden is growing well this year, and I think I will have a good harvest.
    • The new computer games provides good practice for learning vocabulary.

2. Write the correct form of the verbs in parentheses.

Hector (to be) _________________ the owner of Café Zamora in Southeast Portland. He (to make) _________________ coffee growing and roasting his life since he was a child. He (to grow up) _________________ working on a small family farm in Guatemala. He (to harvest) _________________ beans and (to sell) _________________ them to suppliers. Today, he (to know) _________________ first-hand how hard it is for smaller farms like theirs to break into a coffee market.
Hector (to follow) _________________  in the footsteps of his mother and other members of his family. They (to immigrate) _________________ to the U.S. for a better life. He (to ask, passive) _________________ by his family to immigrate as well. The goal (to be) _________________ to get an education in order to grow the business. So in 2014 Hector (to enroll) _________________ at Portland Community College.
After college, Hector (to open) _________________ a cafe in Portland. Since then, the business (to grow) _________________ and he (to find) _________________ great success, even during the pandemic. He (to help) _________________ to improve the lives of his family and employees, both in Portland and on the family farm in Guatemala. He (to hope) _________________ everything (to continue) _________________ to improve in the future.
3. Report what these two people said. Quote one and paraphrase the other.
Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. –Christian Lous Lange (an historian)
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. –Arthur C. Clarke (a writer of science fiction)
4. Change the following sentence from passive voice to active voice:
Apple Computer was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.
5. Change the following sentence from active voice to passive voice:
Igor Sikorsky designed the world’s first working helicopter in 1946.
6. Identify the noun clause, the adjective clause, and the adverb clause in the following sentence:
Although the machine no longer works, how it works represents a new way of thinking about problems that the world experiences because of water pollution, and that is a good result.
7. Combine each set of sentences below into one sentence using noun, adjective, and/or adverb clause(s):
    • I have a new book. I like the new book. It is very popular.
    • The wheel is the best invention. The reason is that it improved transportation. We still use it today.
    • Brad studies to be a doctor. He chose this job to help people. He made this choice in the fifth grade.
8. The sentence below includes an adjective clause. Reduce the adjective clause.
Many trucks that are repaired in my shop seem to use the same technology to increase fuel efficiency.
9. The sentence below includes an adverb clause. Reduce the adverb clause.
While she was fixing my computer, my sister explained how it worked.
10. Change each verb in parentheses. Use either a gerund or an infinitive.
(Work) _________________ at home has advantages and disadvantages. I don’t like (drive) _________________ to work, so it’s nice (stay) _________________ at home. However, since I work in my kitchen, I also need (be) _________________ careful that I don’t eat too much.
11. Choose the best preposition to complete each sentence below. Use between, of, on, to, in.
The equipment that we need is _________________ the basement _________________ the furnace and the freezer. If you bring it _________________ the office on the third floor _________________ the Schmidt Building, then we can work _________________ it together.
12. Choose the best word from the box to complete each sentence below:
    • A strong and consistent power supply is _________________ to making this machine work.
    • If you _________________ information on Google, be careful to evaluate the source carefully.
    • According to the report’s _________________, 40% of employees agree with the company’s leader.
    • The conclusion is not _________________; the evidence suggests a different solution to the problem.
    • The baker’s _________________ is not common; he does things his own way.
    • Look at the numbers again, and you’ll see a _________________: sales are growing year after year.
    • The professor’s _________________ about attendance is very strict; his rule says you cannot miss any class.
    • What are the _________________ for a good essay? Check the rubric and you will see the definitions of each category of your grade.
    • The author’s comment about religion is not _________________ to my thesis statement about the economy; the topics are not related.
13. Define the P.O.W.E.R. writing process and describe each step.
14. Rewrite this simple thesis as a three-story thesis.
Wearing N95 masks is the best way to stay healthy during the COVID pandemic.
15. Write the following quote as a quotation sandwich:
“Technology is neutral; it depends on how it’s used.” –Rick Smolan
16. Define the C.R.A.A.P test and describe each step.
17. Rewrite the following sentence using parallel structure:
This new machine helps to clean the ocean, grows food for whales, and making electricity.
18. What are three ways to be a better editor or a better proofreader?


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