2.1 VOCABULARY: Academic Word List 01

At the beginning of every unit, you study 10 new academic vocabulary words. You will see these words in the things you read, but they are also very useful in your writing in college.  For a complete list of all vocabulary words in this course, see Appendix D. Tip: Don’t complete this whole page in one day. Rather, divide this work across three days: dictionary work one day, practice exercises another, and the quiz on yet another day. And remember that old-fashioned flashcards are still a very useful way to learn new words!


Use your dictionary to look up each word in the list below. Note its part of speech. Copy the dictionary definition in “quotation marks” followed by the name of the dictionary in parentheses. Then write an original sentence using the vocabulary word (do not copy the example sentence from the dictionary; use your own words).
    • analysis
    • assumption
    • consequently
    • focus
    • motivation
    • precise
    • priority
    • relevant
    • scope
    • significant


analysis (noun) “a process of studying or examining something in detail in order to understand it or explain it” (Macmillan American Dictionary). My doctor studied all of my records and gave me her analysis of my health condition; she said I should exercise more because I need to lose weight.


Use these exercises to practice this week’s vocabulary words. Note: This is not graded; you may play these games as many times as you wish.




Use the vocabulary words above to complete the sentences below.

  1. The storm will bring a lot of snow. __________________, school may be cancelled.
  2. His __________________ was wrong because he did not have all the facts.
  3. That book is about German, but I am studying English. Therefore, it is not __________________ to me right now.
  4. __________________ mail will arrive before regular mail because it is processed first.
  5. I don’t know why she did that. Her __________________ is not clear to me.
  6. Grammar is within the __________________ of a writing class, but pronunciation usually is not.
  7. It is difficult to __________________ on my homework when my friends are watching a funny movie.
  8. Our classes are not full. There has been a __________________ drop in enrollment this year.
  9. The __________________ of the sales data showed no improvement over the past six months.
  10. I couldn’t find the restaurant. Can you give me more __________________ directions?



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