Unit 7

We’ve pushed forward a lot. We’ve addressed metacognition, critical thinking, source evaluation, and MLA formatting and citation. Wow! Now it’s time to take a breath and review some basics so that our writing is as strong as it can be.

Learning objectives

By the end of this unit, you should be able to …

  1. Define 10 terms from the academic word list and use them accurately in writing.
  2. Describe clarity and coherence in writing and apply those characteristics in writing appropriately.
  3. Demonstrate accurate use of adjective clauses and use them in writing appropriately.
  4. Demonstrate awareness of expectations for Essay 03 and prepare it according to standard conventions and expectations.
  5. Produce a second draft of the second reflection.

Learning activities

To accomplish the learning objectives above, you will …

  1. Study vocabulary by looking up words in a dictionary, practicing the words with Quizlet activities, and then taking a quiz about those words.
  2. Read articles, watch videos, complete practice exercises, and participate in discussions about grammar, composition, and the writing process.
  3. Analyze the assignment instructions and then write the first draft of an essay.
  4. Review feedback on the second reflection and use that information to edit your writing.


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