8.1 VOCABULARY: Academic Word List 07


Use your dictionary to look up each word in the list below. Note its part of speech. Copy the dictionary definition in “quotation marks” followed by the name of the dictionary in parentheses. Then write an original sentence using the vocabulary word (do not copy the example sentence from the dictionary; use your own words).
    • brief
    • constrain
    • controversy
    • format
    • generate
    • major
    • phenomena
    • potential
    • statistics
    • version



Use these exercises to practice this week’s vocabulary words. Note: This is not graded; you may play these games as many times as you wish.



Use the vocabulary words above to complete the sentences below.

  1.  The thesis is the __________________ point that you want to make in your whole essay.
  2. What is the __________________ for this essay? Does it need to be typed and double-spaced?
  3. If you want to __________________ a lot of material for writing, there are several ways to brainstorm ideas.
  4. Attendance is always low the day after a test; it’s one of many strange __________________ that a teacher sees.
  5. Our small budget will always __________________ our big plans for the future. We won’t be able to do everything.
  6. Despite the research, there is still a great deal of __________________ over vaccinations for children. People always have conflicting opinions.
  7. In the middle of each class, we have a __________________ break. It’s only five minutes.
  8. What __________________ of your essay is this? Is it your first draft or your second draft?
  9. This essay has great __________________ , but you need to do some more research before it gets an A.
  10. There are many __________________ that prove that the number of crimes has been dropping, not rising.



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