4.1 VOCABULARY: Academic Word List 03


Use your dictionary to look up each word in the list below. Note its part of speech. Copy the dictionary definition in “quotation marks” followed by the name of the dictionary in parentheses. Then write an original sentence using the vocabulary word (do not copy the example sentence from the dictionary; use your own words).
    • consist
    • contemporary
    • evidence
    • impact
    • integrate
    • obvious
    • policy
    • structure
    • sustain
    • tradition



Use these exercises to practice this week’s vocabulary words. Note: This is not graded; you may play these games as many times as you wish.



Use the vocabulary words above to complete the sentences below.

  1. I don’t like to read historic novels in class. I wish we could read a _____ novel instead.
  2. Unemployment is the most _____ effect of the recession; it’s easy to notice.
  3. My family has a _____ of going to a cabin on the lake every summer.
  4. The judge demanded more _____ before she decided if the man was guilty or innocent. She wanted to see proof.
  5. How will you _____ these new ideas with your existing plans? Will you be able to do both together?
  6. This cake _____ mainly of flour, butter, and sugar. Those are the ingredients.
  7. PCC has a ______ that says you cannot park in the church parking lot during the evenings.
  8. Less demand for our product will definitely _____ our sales — and that will affect our profit, too.
  9. The _____ of a basic essay is always introduction, body, and conclusion.
  10. He is very shy, and so he cannot _____ a conversation for a long time.



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