BIOLOGY 213 – Ecology and Evolution

Principles of Biology introduces biology as a scientific discipline for students planning to major in biology and other science disciplines. Laboratories and classroom activities introduce techniques used to study biological processes and provide opportunities for students to develop their ability to conduct research. The course focus of BI213 is on the interactions of living systems and the ecology and evolution of biodiversity.

Course Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to

1) Apply the scientific method to biological questions by designing experiments and using the resulting data to form and communicate a conclusion.
2) Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the design of scientific studies and the conclusions drawn from such studies.
3) Select, evaluate and utilize discipline-specific information and literature to research a biological topic.
4) Use evidence to develop informed opinions on contemporary biological issues while considering cultural and ethical implications.
5) Apply biological theories and concepts to solve problems related to ecology and evolution
6) Discuss and describe modern evolutionary theory and the observations, evidence, and conclusions used to develop the theory of evolution by natural selection
7) Describe how structure and function reflect the ecological challenges faced by organisms and reveal the processes underlying evolutionary change
8) Describe patterns of biological diversity and discuss the biotic and physical processes that have led to these patterns
9) Describe major ecological processes including the transformation of energy and nutrient cycling at the ecosystem and community levels and discuss change in ecological systems
10) Discuss the complexities of biological systems and how interactions at different ecological levels can lead to emergent properties


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