Chapter 14: Two-Page Spreads

14.1 Exercise 1: Image Preparation

  1. Use Photoshop® to open the skyline.jpg image and use Image > Size to check the its size and resolution. Make sure Resample is unchecked and set the image to have an a resolution of 240ppi (this should give the image a height of 12.6 inches.
    Screen capture showing the Photoshop® Image Size dialog with the Resolution value set to 240 Pixels/Inch and the Resample checkbox unchecked.
    Use these settings to adjust the image size of skyline.jpg
  2. Change the image’s Mode to CMYK Color. Then, Using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, adjust the image so that it is similar in appearance to the example here.
    Screen capture showing results of a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with settings adjusting the Master channel with Hue: -12, Saturation +26, Lightness -5.
    Set your Hue/Saturation adjustment layer similar to what’s shown here.

    After adjusting the Hue/Saturation, add a Levels adjustment layer and adjust the dark values to something like the example below.

    Screen capture showing a Levels adjustment layer with the dark value slider set to 35. Midtone and highlight sliders are set at their default levels of 1 and 255, respectively.
    Your Levels adjustment layer should be set similar to what’s depicted here.
  3. Save the revised image as a native Photoshop® document named skyline.psd and close Photoshop®.


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